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The Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mrs S Bateman
Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum and Standards Miss F Lealman

Senior Assistant Headteacher - Pastoral Safeguarding

& Student Welfare

Dr J Beckett
Assistant Headteacher - Learning and Teaching and CPD Mr A Di Paola

Assistant Headteacher - Data, Timetabling, Options

Achievement for All

Mrs V McCormick
School Business Manager Mrs J Herbertson

 Associate Assistant Headteacher - Wholeschool ICT, Remote

Education & SIMS

Mrs E Rowland
Associate Assistant Headteacher - Personal Development Mrs R Rasul

The Senior Leadership Team is supported by:

Company Secretary Mrs J Murphy
PA to the Headteacher/Cover Manager Miss A Eyre
IT Manager Mr J Rowland

Fairfield Staff


We are very proud of the hardworking and committed staff here at Fairfield High School.  All staff work together as a team to ensure we achieve the best outcomes and personal development for each pupil in our care.

"teachers demonstrated a passion and enthusiasm for the subjects they were teaching"

  • Administration
    Assistant School Business Manager Mrs L Redwood
    Admin Assistant Mrs B Bradbury
    Admin Assistant Mrs C Fletcher
    Admin Assistant/Receptionist Miss J Travis
    Admin Assistant/Librarian Mrs A Mutter
    Exams Officer and Office Manager Mrs C Nichol
    Data Support Assistant and Senior Examination Invigilator Mr D Orrett
    Receptionist Mrs L Cheetham
    Reprographics and Admin Assistant Mrs E Mooney
  • Pastoral and Personal Development
    Head of Year 11  Mrs L Harvey-Kuczaj
    Head of Year 10 and Attendance and Inclusion Manager Mrs M Clough
    Head of Year 9 Miss A-M Tilley
    Head of Year 8 Mrs J Loney
    Head of Year 7 Mrs G Diamandis
    Pastoral Manager Ms T Egan
    Assistant Pastoral Manager Mrs J Brady
    Disadvantaged and EAL Coordinator Mr M Knowles
    Key Stage 3 Learning / Mentor Manager Mrs L Knowles
    Key Stage 4 Learning Mentor Miss S Williams
    Medical Needs and Well-being Officer Ms J Fletcher
    Careers Lead Mrs G Chaudhry
    Careers and Work-Related Learning Co-ordinator Mr I Johnson
    Pastoral Administrator Miss P Bentley
    Pastoral Administrator Miss G Pye
  • Curriculum Leadership
    Director of Study for English (Acting) Mrs A Simpson
    Director of Study for Maths (Acting) Mrs V McCormick
    Director of Study for Science Dr A Cahill
    Director of Study for Humanities and Subject Leader for History Mrs R Rasul
    Director of Study for Modern Languages Miss C Derrett
    Director of Study for Technology Mrs R Owen
    Director of Study for Performing Arts Mrs J Gallagher
    Director of Study for Computer Science and Whole-School I.T. Mrs E Rowland
    Lead Practitioner for English Mrs Z Ashdown
    English Coordinators (Acting) Ms L Stone / Mr J Dobie
    Maths Coordinator Mrs S Schofield
    Maths Coordinators (Acting) Mr C Parkinson / Miss K Howard
    Science Coordinator Mrs N John-Charles
    Science Coordinator Miss G Moss
    Second in Modern Languages Mrs K Moore
    Second in Technology Mrs L Pickford
    Second in Performing Arts Mrs M Loynd
    Subject Leader for Geography (Acting) & Duke of Edinburgh Miss S Winspear
    Subject Leader for Life Skills Mrs P Woodhouse
    Subject Leader for Religious Studies Mrs J Nuttall
  • Teaching Staff
    Teacher English Mr M Bennett
    Teacher English Mr J Dobie
    Teacher English Miss L Stone
    Teacher English Ms H Whitehead
    Teacher English Ms S Eason
    Teacher Maths Mr J Dempsey
    Teacher Maths Miss K Howard
    Teacher Maths Mr J McIntyre
    Teacher Maths Mr C Parkinson
    Teacher Maths Mr M Littleproud
    Teacher Maths Miss L Barker
    Teacher Science Miss N Rowlands
    Teacher Science Mr J Blackbourn
    Teacher Science Mr T McKenna
    Teacher Science Mr J P Rhodes
    Teacher Science Miss J Mawdsley
    Teacher Geography and P.E. Miss S Winspear
    Teacher Geography Miss M Khatun
    Teacher History Mr R Calland
    Teacher History Miss L Smith
    Teacher Religious Studies Mrs E Lewis 
    Teacher Modern Languages Mr I Devine
    Teacher Modern Languages Mrs T Flattery
    Teacher Modern Languages Mrs C Goldthorp
    Teacher Modern Languages Mrs J Di Paola
    Teacher Art Miss H Jones
    Teacher Art Miss H Stanton (On Maternity Leave)
    Teacher Art Miss A Lea
    Teacher Technology Mrs K Pearson
    Teacher P.E. Mrs J Loney
    Teacher Performing Arts and Music Miss J Willcock
    Teacher Computer Science Mr A McCormick
    Learning Supervisor   Miss L Issa (On Maternity Leave)
    Learning Supervisor   Mrs M Johnson
    Learning Supervisor   Mrs A Barnes
    Learning Supervisor   Mrs J Beech
  • Student Support
    Director of Student Support (SENCO) Mrs C Stewart
    Assistant Director of SEND Mrs E Askew
    Assistant EAL Coordinator Mrs N Marson
    Teaching Assistant Mrs C Blackbourn
    Teaching Assistant Miss S Oakes
    Teaching Assistant Miss C Gibson
    Teaching Assistant Mrs F Durand
    Teaching Assistant Miss J Gerrard
    Teaching Assistant Miss C Heeney
    Teaching Assistant Miss L Poole
    Teaching Assistant Miss A Heeney
  • Facilities and Estates
    Facilties Manager Mr R Bissell
    Facilities Operative Mr G McNeill
    Facilities Operative Mr C Flood
    Midday Assistant Mrs T Bratt
    Midday Assistant Miss V Taylor
    Midday Assistant Mrs L Hawley
    Midday Assistant (Post Vacant)
  • Technicians
    Senior IT Technician Mr M Hurst
    IT Technician (Post Vacant)
    Food Technology Technician Mrs J Byron
    Senior Science Technician Mrs C Williamson
    Assistant Science Technician Mr S Jones
  • Responsible to Fairfield High School for Girls
    Restaurant Manager (Aspens) Mr S Mitchell
    Careers Officer Mrs K Nelson
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