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Year 11 Examination Results

Message from the Headteacher

GCSE Examination Results - Class of 2021

Pupils at Fairfield celebrate outstanding achievements despite a turbulent year

Pupils at Fairfield High School for Girls received their awarded examination results today and it was yet another excellent set of grades. This year, as a result of the global pandemic, examinations were cancelled for a second time and results were awarded through a process of teacher assessed grades (referred to as TAGs) set against national standards which were approved and awarded by examination boards.

There was much joy, huge delight and happy smiling faces as pupils collected their results from Fairfield High School for Girls.

Mrs Stephanie Bateman, Headteacher, commented today:

‘’We, the staff and Trustees of the school, are celebrating together today the outstanding achievements of ALL our pupils and we are really proud of each and every one of them. Our year 11 pupils, Class of 2021, may not have sat their final examinations but the grades that they have been awarded  carry the same value as any other year and will allow them to compete on a level playing field with pupils from previous and future years. The academic excellence of this set of pupils should not be undervalued. They have worked incredibly hard, despite the lockdowns, self-isolations, personal and family illness and uncertainty, showing positivity and real resilience. The results today enable pupils to progress to the next stage of their education, training or employment. I look forward to hearing of their ongoing success.’’

She added:

‘’Congratulations to every single pupil on your efforts and dedication over the past five years. These results, along with your personal growth and additional experiences you have had at Fairfield, will enable you to be successful in the future. You, as an individual, your parents/carers and extended family, should all be very proud of what you have achieved, particularly in light of the past challenging eighteen months.

Many pupils have made tremendous progress since arriving at Fairfield five years ago and this shows itself in the incredible results today.

Thanks, as always, must go to our committed and caring staff, supportive families and friends for all the help and guidance they have provided.  The professionalism and attention to detail shown by our outstanding classroom teachers, Subject Leaders and Senior Staff when awarding evidence-based grades speaks for itself.

Our very best wishes to the class of 2021 for the brilliant future ahead of you. We have every confidence in your ability to succeed and we are sure that you will use your achievements as a springboard for success. ‘’

Once again, well done and congratulations!

Mrs Bateman


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