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Summary of IQM Report for Fairfield High School for Girls – 2019/20

"Fairfield High School for Girls is a thriving, extremely successful 11-16 school built on strong values that informs all they do. Everyone is included, challenged, supported to flourish and are encouraged to work hard to fulfil their aspirations. Together, everyone involved works hard so that all can achieve and feel safe and happy, ensuring pupils are ready to move on to an exciting future.

The school prides itself on superb pastoral care, actively promoting equality and diversity and is therefore an extremely welcoming, superbly inclusive and caring school. It is definitely a school where every child really does matter. A school where the staff and students are justifiably proud of the high-quality education, they provide continuing to be one of the highest performing schools in Tameside and across the country. This is a testament to the extremely hard work of the staff and the students that clearly demonstrates inclusive practice at its best, where there is a commitment to ensure that the students are; ‘successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.’ Something that they patently achieve with the vast majority of their students.

The staff at Fairfield High School for Girls are fully committed to delivering the best inclusive practice for all who are part of their family, in an atmosphere that is friendly, warm and ensures the health and well-being of the school community. This commitment to include everyone and provide support and the best possible outcomes was seen and demonstrated throughout the review and was evident in all interactions between staff and student, between students and in interactions seen between staff. The staff have a very real and positive impact on students’ ability to access appropriate learning or timely interventions, allied with an unwavering and uncompromising ambition for all, this is a fact I can attest to from the evidence of the review and through discussions with staff and a number of students during the day. Everyone connected to the school should be proud that they provide such a superb inclusive environment. Inclusion is a natural and intuitive part of what happens on a daily basis here, where everyone continually develops their practice for the benefit of the students and families."

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