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The Head Girl Team

"Students’ views play an important role in identifying how the school can improve further"

"Hello, my name is Saffiyah Ahmed and I have been given an incredible opportunity to be this year’s selected Head Girl. I would like to thank all the staff and the students at Fairfield that have made it possible for me to represent the school. My Head Girl Team and I will cherish the time we spend working with staff and the students for the following year to help and assist my fellow peers, to make their time at Fairfield a memorable experience. As a main part of school life ‘it is actions rather than words’ that are going to play a key role in the next year as a key part of this team will be to reinforce the school’s values of being a confident individual, successful learner and respectful citizen. I would like to leave my mark at Fairfield by being a Head Girl that inspires others to grasp for opportunities in front of them. ‘The door you never open could lead to the opportunity you have always been waiting for"

Saffiyah Ahmed

"Students are keen to learn and have high expectations of themselves."

"Hello, my name is Palo Mulevu.  I am honoured and proud to be this year’s Sports Captain.  To get a role where I am able to show my dedication for sport and physical activity makes me very grateful and happy.  During my time as Sports Captain I will ensure that I create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere with other school pupils and team members." 

Palo Mulevu.

Head Girl
Saffiyah Ahmed

Deputy Head Girls
Brogan Freeman
Charlotte Boggia
Erin Elson

Assistant Head Girls
Merrine Phillip
Imaani Steele
Charlotte Jacklin
Phoebe Needham
Shalom Mazadza
Martha Holt

Lead Prefects
Caitlin Shaw-Humphries (SEN)
Kadie Davenport
Emily Price
Liling Zhang
Laaiba Azeem
Annya Stephenson

Sports Captain
Palo Mulevu

Deputy Sports Captains
Grace Scholes
Chloe Lees
Evie Davies

Lead Prefects (Sports)
Evie Spooner
Mirabel Osawaru
Scarlett Cornwell
Rhea Valentine


The Head Girl Team 2022 - 2023



Sports Captains 2022 - 2023


“Working as one of the Deputy Head Girls at Fairfield is an honour and I will strive to complete all tasks to the best of my abilities. I am committed to the school community and the Fairfield ethos and have been extremely privileged to take part in a range of extra-curricular’s during my time at school.”. Brogan Freeman

"Being part of the Head Girl team is a great privilege and will help me to become a confident individual in the future as well as inspire other students to be the best they can be." Merrine Philip

“Our school is an enriching place for all students to thrive and develop themselves due to the wide range of opportunities there are offered.” Laaibah Azam

"I am looking forward to my role as Lead Prefect for SEN. I have spent a lot of my time over the past four years in Student Support getting help and support with my own learning and confidence, and now I want to be able to help and support younger pupils." Caitlin Shaw-Humphreys


"respect is a byword for the school along with good grades"

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