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Exam and Assessment Results


Analysis of 2021 Results - Mrs McCormick, Assistant Headteacher

Despite disruption caused by the pandemic and the cancellation of actual GCSE examinations in both 2020 and 2021, pupils at Fairfield High School for Girls continue to make outstanding progress and achieve excellent results.
Our 2021 results show that the achievement of pupils at Fairfield High School for Girls continues to be consistently outstanding.  A highly creditable 59% of our pupils achieved Grades 9-5 in both GCSE English and GCSE Mathematics, with 80% of our pupils achieving Grades 9-4 in both of these vital subjects.
38% of all qualifications achieved by our pupils attained a Grade 9-7 or equivalent – that’s approaching four out of every 10 qualifications, an outstanding achievement. 
In total, pupils at Fairfield attained 149 Grade 9s (or their equivalent).  36 pupils (18% of the cohort) attained an average grade higher than a Grade 7. 
Due to the effects of the pandemic, there will be no School Performance tables for 2021.  There will also be no Progress 8 measure this year. Progress 8 is the single most important measure in judging a school’s performance. This measure takes into account the progress of every pupil in every subject. Over the previous three years, (2017, 2018 and 2019), Fairfield High School for Girls has maintained a consistently outstanding Progress 8 score of +0.53, +0.54 and +0.41. Pupils of all abilities make exceptional progress here. 
Indeed, in every one of these years, our Progress 8 score reveals Fairfield High School for Girls to be the highest performing secondary school in Tameside and amongst the highest in Greater Manchester.
It is not just in terms of examination success where Fairfield has outstanding performance. The government’s most recent figures show that a higher percentage (97%) of our pupils leave us and enter sustained education or employment than from any other school in Tameside. The commitment and effort, over five years of study, of all the staff, pupils and parents is clearly evidenced in this outstanding performance of the school. The school extends many congratulations to everyone involved.


 "students reach high standards"

Fairfield High School for Girls – Consistently Outstanding



"respect is a byword for the school along with good grades"


GCSE Results Day 2021

‘’Congratulations to every single pupil on your efforts and dedication over the past five years. These results, along with your personal growth and additional experiences you have had at Fairfield, will enable you to be successful in the future. You, as an individual, your parents/carers and extended family, should all be very proud of what you have achieved, particularly in light of the past challenging eighteen months.

Many pupils have made tremendous progress since arriving at Fairfield five years ago and this shows itself in the incredible results today.

Thanks, as always, must go to our committed and caring staff, supportive families and friends for all the help and guidance they have provided.  The professionalism and attention to detail shown by our outstanding classroom teachers, Subject Leaders and Senior Staff when awarding evidence-based grades speaks for itself.

Our very best wishes to the class of 2021 for the brilliant future ahead of you. We have every confidence in your ability to succeed and we are sure that you will use your achievements as a springboard for success. ‘’

Once again, well done and congratulations!

Stephanie Bateman



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