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Virtual Sports Day - 10th July 2020

On Friday 10th July all Fairfield girls are invited to participate in the Virtual Sports Day. We want our pupils to take part in as many events as possible. The instructions document below includes full details of how to compete in each event including what equipment is needed, how to record and submit your score and the competition format. There are video examples on Microsoft Teams for pupils to watch if necessary. Pupils should check their e-mail and the Virtual Sports Day Microsoft Teams group for information. If you have any questions please contact Miss Wilkinson - mwilkinson@fairfieldhighschool.co.uk


There are 12 events to choose from, with three events in four different categories. You need to complete a minimm of one event from each category and you will be competing against other pupils in your year group.
(1) Runs - 30m sprint, 50m egg and spoon, 1km run
(2) Jumps - Speed bounce, Standing Long Jump, Under and Overs
(3) Throws - Seated overhead throw, Shuttle or paper aeroplane throw, 20 ball bucket throw
(4) Fitness Challenges - Alternate wall toss, Racquet (or pan) keep-ups, Football kick-ups


To enter the competition you must complete at least one event from each of the four categories.  This means at least one run, one jump, one throw and one fitness challenge. You can complete more if you want to and if necessary you can take part in the events over the weekend.

What to do next?

When you have completed an event write (or type) your score, time or distance on the score card. Miss Wilkinson has sent an example scorecard to pupils by e-mail. Once you have completed your event send a signed copy by e-mail or Microsoft Teams to Miss Wilkinson mwilkinson@fairfieldhighschool.co.uk

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