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Business Studies

Business Studies provides pupils with the vocabulary, knowledge and understanding to perform well in many business settings.  The Business Finance topics are particularly useful for pupils who wish to become an accountant or move into a management position.
With a large percentage of the course based on Financial Statements, good numeracy skills are essential.

How are the topics/units structured?

Business Finance Topics include: Cashflow forecast, breakeven analysis, balance sheet, profit and loss, profitability ratios, calculating profit, liquidity ratios, reading and creating budgets, purchase ordering.
Entrepreneurs, Enterprises and Competition.  Pupils will complete and internal assignment where they will  demonstrate their knowledge of the types of organisations, the internal and external factors which may impact the success of a business and strategies used by a business to remain competitive.
Planning for and pitching as enterprise activity.  Pupils will individually research and select an idea for a micro-enterprise activity which they will individually pitch to an audience.


How will pupils be assessed?

Business Finance - 2 hour examination - 40%

Entrepreneurs, Enterprises and Competition - Internal assignment - 30%

Planning for and pitching as enterprise activity - Internal assignment - 30%

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