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Religious Studies

Pupil comments:
“So far I have found the course challenging yet fun and enjoyable because the topics we have covered and are going to cover are very interesting and some can create debates in lessons .  Also, it is good to be in Year 10 because it is different to Key Stage 3 because the course has changed and the topics are much more interesting.”

“I enjoy RS in Year 10 because you are free to give your opinion.  Even though it is challenging, it provides us with support from our peers which develops communication”

How are the topics/units structured?

The GCSE is a challenging and relevant course that covers the following:

Religion and ethics through Christianity:

Christian beliefs                   Marriage and the family

Living the Christian life         Matters of Life and Death

Religion, peace and conflicts through Islam:

Muslim beliefs                      Crime and punishment

Living the Muslim life           Peace and conflict

Some of the specific topics covered are: Abortion, euthanasia, the afterlife, the paranormal, evil and suffering, personal relationships, war, stewardship, capital punishment, gender equality, religious celebrations and peace making.

How will pupils be assessed?

100% examination

Exam 1 - Christianity (1 hour 45 minutes)

Exam 2 - Islam (1 hour 45 minutes)

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