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Life Skills

Life Skills is a compulsory subject that all pupils study at both KS3 and KS4.  The curriculum covers all the statutory elements of PSHE, RS, Citizenship and Careers and also the Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award.
Life Skills is about developing a young person’s confidence, self-esteem, resilience, understanding and acceptance of those in their local and wider communities.  It also focusses on developing their knowledge and understanding of the world of work.
Life Skills teaches pupils about the dangers and risks in everyday life, the choices they make and the consequences of those choices, both positive and negative.  It encourages pupils to consider the rights and responsibilities they have for themselves and for others and how to take an active and positive role in society.  Life Skills asks pupils to question their own attitudes and opinions and those of others, and to identify where these attitudes and opinions come from.

How are the topics/units structured?

The PSHE and careers topics are interspersed with the modules of the Young Leaders Award.  All PSHE careers topics have booklets which pupils work through.
The Young Leaders Award has three modules.  Each module comprises of a series of lessons, followed by a challenge which involves planning, preparing and delivering an event that is aimed at the community. This could be a cake sale to raise money for a national charity, delivering an assembly on a particular topic to a Year group or holding a Christmas Fair for the local residents.


How will pupils be assessed?

PHSE units of work have an assessment at the end of each topic to check understating and progress.
The Careers unit of work includes the careers package Xello.  This tracks pupil progress and generates a report including work completed, research and career suggestions.
The Young Leaders Award is a certificated award with the possibility of gaining either DEVELOPING, ACCOMPLISHED or EXEMPLARY certificates.

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