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All pupils at Fairfield High School for Girls study Mathematics for eight hours every fortnight.

Each year group is divided into 2 halves and pupils are then placed into their ability groups with 4 pairs of parallel sets in Years 7 and 8 and 5 pairs of parallel sets in Years 9-11.

Pupils are regularly assessed to monitor progress and attainment and ensure they are in the correct set for their needs and potential.

Regular assessment also allows teachers, pupils and parents to identify strengths and areas for development as pupils are given lots of time to reflect and analyse their performance in assessed work.

Home learning is set by Maths teachers for all pupils every week and this is marked with feedback given. Pupils are regularly given 'MAD time' (Make a Difference) to work in responding to feedback and making their 'next steps' to progress.

Study of the GCSE Maths curriculum formally begins at the start of Year 9 when all pupils begin their Edexcel Linear GCSE at either the Foundation or Higher tier as appropriate for their current ability and potential progress. Pupils in Years 10 and 11 are given regular exam paper home learning in order to familiarise themselves with exam style practice and demonstrate progress throughout Key Stage 4. All pupils have access, with individual accounts, to resources and support on the MyMaths website and the MathsWatch Virtual Learning Environment. GCSE pupils also have access to online textbooks via Kerboodle.

The Faculty enters able pupils for the UKMT Junior and Intermediate individual and team challenges. We also run a Maths Puzzle of the Week with half termly prizes for the top 3 students as well as a lucky dip prize for all entrants. Maths Club takes place on Friday lunchtimes as a place for pupils to get help with home learning or complete additional study or revision. The Faculty also has an intensive programme of targeted intervention from Years 7 to 11, ensuring that all pupils are supported in making outstanding progress in Maths during their time with us.

    Year 7

    Place Value
    Rounding and Estimation
    Written Methods
    Measures, Perimeter and Area
    Negative Numbers
    Factors and Multiples
    Using a Calculator
    Volume and Surface Area
    Expressions and Formulae
    Decimals and Percentages
    Equations and Inequalities
    Ratio and Proportion

    Year 8

    Whole Numbers and Decimals
    Measures, Perimeter and Area
    Expressions and Formulae
    Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
    Angles and 2D Shapes
    Decimal Calculations
    Transformations and Scale
    Powers and Roots
    Constructions and Pythagoras
    3D Shapes and Trigonometry
    Ratio and Proportion
  • Year 9
  • Year 10 & 11